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Electromagnetic valve guide

solenoid valve - Replace Selection guide
Selection points: solenoid valve selection should in turn follow the safety , technical parameters selection reliability, applicability , economy and eight four principles of site conditions and replacement ( connection size , medium , medium temperature , pressure , voltage , mode of operation , material, special requirements ) .
Selection principles: security: that selection should first take into account the safety of life and property , especially in explosive situations !
I. Reliability: unreliable solenoid valve action will damage the other components of the system !
Second, the applicability : Song selection must be accountable to the state -controlled pre-service professional consulting team , different specifications of products features a big difference !
Third, the economy: state -controlled team is always only song to help you choose the most suitable for your use of the product !
Selection based on :
First, according to the parameter selection solenoid valve pipe : diameter size ( ie DN), connections
1 , Determine the diameter size is the easiest way to spot directly in accordance with the size of the pipe diameter can be determined .
2 , Interface , General > DN50 to choose flanged , ≤ DN50 can be freely selected according to users.
Second, according to media preferences solenoid valve : material, temperature
1 , Corrosive media : the king should use plastic and stainless steel solenoid valves ; For highly corrosive media must use the state -controlled Chung developed a unique corrosion-resistant valve piston type , model : BS21N. Neutral medium , should use solenoid valve copper alloy shell material , otherwise the valve housing desquamation often rust , especially action infrequent occasions. Ammonia can not be used with the valve copper . For wine , milk, process piping will have to use food-grade stainless steel solenoid valve.
2 , High temperature medium : Bang Chung developed a unique ultra-high temperature -controlled solenoid valve can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees. If superheated steam , thermal oil to opt electromagnetic coil temperature and species sealing materials. For example : 220 ℃ the steam should be selected or BS22B BS22Q series stainless steel , copper is selected at this time is poor , because when the temperature exceeds 180 ℃ expansion coefficient of copper on the tolerances of the piston and the piston member and the valve chamber of a conflict , thereby lead to action failure .
3 , Media Status : Large to gaseous , liquid or mixed states , which want to choose different varieties of solenoid valve , which is used for gas or different media , media liquid form to indicate otherwise not conducive to stable performance of the valve.
4 , Medium viscosity : usually 50cSt the following can be arbitrarily chosen , if it exceeds this value, will have to use high viscosity solenoid valve.
5 , Media Cleanliness: optional if the medium containing a small amount of impurities tiny diaphragm structure , but if the impurity is large, more solenoid valves should be installed before the filter.
Third, the pressure selection valve parameters : the principle and structure of species
1 , Pressure: This parameter is very important parameter solenoid valve according to a given nominal pipe . Ode to the development of a unique state -controlled high pressure solenoid valve BS23H series , nominal pressure up to 2000 kg. Stable performance, instead of pure imported products.
2 , Working pressure : less than zero must be selected direct -acting or step Direct .
3 , Minimum working pressure at 0.03Mpa above is optional indirect Pilot ; vacuum or siphon way to choose a vacuum solenoid valve.
4 , Pressure range: the solenoid valve should be selected within the allowable range , normal working pressure of the piston is greater than the reliable and durable structure selected 1.6Mpa . Less than 1.0Mpa then choose diaphragm structure affordable.
Fourth, the power supply voltage options:
1 , According to the type of power supply , AC and DC were selected solenoid valves . Generally easy access to AC power .
2 , Voltage specification used as preferred AC220V, DC24V.
3 , Supply voltage fluctuations are usually used + % 10 % -15 % , DC to allow ±% 10 or so, should the ultra poor, the regulator must take action or make a special order request.
Five , according to the continuous work time to choose : normally closed, normally open, or sustainable electricity
1 , Solenoid magnetic field generated by the electromagnetic coil is energized after the operation to achieve , and therefore only the solenoid valve opening and closing the two positions, i.e. the normally closed ( closed when not energized ) , the normally open ( open when not energized ) .
2 , If the request solenoid valve kept open, close or continue to use open loop , closed the case the best option is almost time : normally closed . However, some conditions for security protection , such as furnaces, kiln fuel control and flame monitoring , you can not select normally open, but because of a failure in need of emergency when closed solenoid valve, control instruments or power supply is also a problem , it is there will be a disaster , you should choose a reliable coil quality and can work continuously energized solenoid valve .
Six , according to the environmental requirements and select the supporting function: explosion-proof, waterproof fog, water washout , diving, ultra-low temperature
1 , Explosive atmospheres : You must use the appropriate level of proof solenoid valve, and a solenoid valve manufacturer must obtain a certificate national explosion -proof inspection station .
2 , Outdoor installation or dusty places should use waterproof, dustproof species, their protection level should reach IP65.
3 , Must be used for the fountain submersible solenoid valve , which should reach the degree of protection IP65.
4 , Medium such as liquid nitrogen cryogenic liquid ammonia must be selected to provide the state -controlled Chung BS23H Series ultra-low temperature solenoid valve. Can be threaded , flanged , no specifications on the site may consult the state -controlled Chung professional engineer. Can arrange customized.