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Bestone Culture

The Bestone Pledge:

At Bestone, we believe that a sustainable approach to business is essential and therefore, it forms a core part of the way in which we do business. The Bestone Pledge identifies our Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility.

The Bestone Pledge has four cornerstones—People, Environment, Ethics and Governance and Community Partnership—form the foundation of innovative and proactive solutions that allow bestone to continually improve our corporate citizenship and workplace performance.

“Beyond Responsibility, Building Community” summarizes the guiding principles behind The bestone Pledge, in that, we strive to deliver a sustainable impact on the global communities where we live and work in order to become a trusted employer and partner.

The Bestone Pledge is interwoven into the key values that drive our company's focus. It embodies the spirit of our corporate commitment to build a sustainable framework for social, economic and environmental activities that are integral to us and consistent with our purpose and values.


The Bestone Spirit:

Tenacious Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Every single Bestone employee has a powerful personal commitment to making everyday tasks a little faster, smarter, better – each and every time. We benchmark continuously and permanently weave improvements into our processes so as not to be people dependent – leading to unceasing evolution.

Relentless Drive to Win

Persistent. Unyielding. Tireless. If you couldn’t tell already, we have a never-ending focus on winning and do not accept second place. Our words and actions drive this culture of winning into the organization every day, and we exhibit complete dissatisfaction with the status quo and mediocrity. We have a clear vision of what it takes to win and work relentlessly to become an even stronger team and company.

Passionate Customer Focus

Essentially, our mission is to increase our customer’s competitiveness. You’ll work with others who share your passion for providing outstanding customer service by obtaining an in-depth understanding of our customers market, striving to make Bestone a potent company with which to work.

The Bestone Commitment:

Our code of business conduct and ethics weaves that commitment into principles, standards, and responsibilities that help guide our behavior and decision-making. The Code of Conduct prohibits unethical behavior such as conflicts of interest, kickbacks, bribery, fraud, improper accounting and the improper use of company assets or funds.  It also requires the protection of confidential information and intellectual property, the selection of suppliers in accordance with set business criteria.

The Development Strategy:

We invest deeply in our team’s potential and believe that part of powering up your career is to never stop learning. Our training and development programs are designed to enhance key skills and prepare employees for an unlimited future with Bestone. We offer a diverse range of ongoing training, from tactical education and computer skills to high tech manufacturing operations.

Bestone People:

We turn our business goals into reality by attracting and retaining the right talent. The statement “Where people make the difference” reflects our belief that business success is a direct result of creative and innovative employees. Therefore, building a robust talent pipeline is a key focus for bestone.

We provide an environment that allows employees to achieve their personal and professional aspirations through the following systematic three-step approach:

Step 1: Attracting and retaining talent by providing a workplace that fosters career growth and a supportive team environment.

Step 2: Establishing learning and career development programs that empower our people to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Step 3: Once we have identified the right talent, this step addresses how we engage, inspire and retain them. It also examines how we engage employees to serve the local community and, in the process, find a sense of belonging in the community.

In order to facilitate a supportive and collaborative environment where they can achieve success, employees are surrounded by great teams that include industry experts.

Bestone values its people in the areas of health and safety, human and labor rights and learning and development.